Reiki Training School

There is a light in this world a healing spirit much stronger than any darkness we may encounter....God speaks in the silence of the heart and we listen. Mother Theresa

REIKI LEVEL 1 TRAINING - Sunday March 29th 11:30am - 4pm
The History of Reiki  
How Reiki heals and how it can be used 
Energy Fields and Energy Centers (Chakra) 
The Three Pillars of Reiki and how to practice them.
The Reiki IdealsThe Levels of Reiki
Hand positions for treatment of self and others
Gassho Meditation
Level1 - $175

REIKI LEVEL 2 TRAINING - Sunday Feb. 2nd 11:30 - 4pm
prerequisite Level 1 
The Reiki Symbols - how to activate and use them  Japanese Reiki techniques
How to conduct a Reiki session 
Preparing yourself and the room Reiki Circles/Shares
Distance Reiki
Client Release and documentation forms
Level 2 - $175

REIKI LEVEL 3 TRAINING Sunday March 8th 11:30 - 4pm
Techniques from both the Usui System and the International Center for Reiki Training
Using Crystals and Stones to enhance your treatments
Making a Reiki Grid to send continuous healing energy.
Receive a Master Symbol and learn its meaning and how to use it.
Reiki meditations to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness
Reiki Aura Clearing 
Level 3 - $250.

Students who complete Levels1 -3 will be eligible to train for Reiki Master/Teacher.  Dates to be decided upon completion.

Payment in full is required for all classes prior to the class date.  Workbooks are included.

Reiki Circles are held once a month, providing an opportunity to apply your practice.

A Reiki Treatment Room is available to rent hourly for your use with clients.
Please call or email to register -omshantiomyogacenter@gmail.com