HERBAL WORKSHOP  November 12th 3 to 5pm

Bring Herbal Healing into your life! Learn the basics of Traditional Herbal Medicine and some tonics and remedies to help through cold and flu season. We will discuss easy to make plant extracts, teas and salves and where to find them. We will share a nourishing infusion, and you will make and take home your own herbal tonic! Fee includes supplies. Bring a notebook and a pen. Preregistration is required.   Cost $45.


 REIKI CIRCLE - Friday November 17th 7pm

Join us for the opportunity to enhance your Reiki practice skills or to experience Reiki.Reiki is a subtle energy healing which has been used for centuries to help reduce: stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and promote overall health.

Reiki helps unblock energy to create a flow of total wellness and relaxation.

No experience necessary.  By donation

REIKI LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Training - Nov 17th and 18th

Can be taken together or separately.

Level I opens and attunes the practitioner to channel Reiki energy for self treatment and treatment for others.

Reiki I training includes :

The history of Reiki How Reiki heals and how it can be used. Energy fields and Energy centers ( Chakra) The Three Pillars of Reiki and how to practice them. The Reiki Ideals and The levels of Reiki.  Hand positions for self treatment and for treating others.


Reiki 2 Training includes:
Deepen your practice by learning to work with Reiki Symbols and more advanced Reiki Techniques

Reiki II training includes: The Reiki Symbols- how to activate and use them, Japanese Reiki Techniques, How to conduct a Reiki Session- preparing yourself and the room, Reiki Circles/ Shares